Saturday, March 14, 2020

Fire Station Bar And Grill Offers Community Support During Mandated Scho...

Mail Pouch Saloon Offers Support to Families In Need During Mandated School Closures

Community Efforts Featured On Local News!

Learn more about how the Mail Pouch Saloons and Fire Station Bar And Grill is contributing....

Local Businesses Schools Work To Feed Students While They Are Out Of School

Community Alert! Local Restaurants Offering Free Lunches to Children

Attention! Please alert all National School Lunch Program Recipients:

In response to the Corona Virus Pandemic the owner of the Fire Station Bar And Grill and the Mail Pouch Saloons in both Haskins, Ohio and Swanton, Ohio are currently serving FREE LUNCHES 11 AM - 3 PM to all National School Lunch Program recipients who are unable to be fed due to the state mandated closures.

Free lunches will be served until schools are reopened and no purchase is required. Please check our websites or Facebook pages for more details and current updates.

Locally, more than 15,000-25,000 lunches for students every single school day across Northwest Ohio, making the National School Lunch Program one of the state’s largest food service operations. The program is offered to any student of high school grade or under who is enrolled in an educational unit of high school grade or under in a participating school or a child age of 21 years or younger. 

Restaurant Locations and Contact Information:

Mail Pouch Saloon Swanton
14260 Airport Highway, Swanton, OH 43525 | 419-825-5502

Mail Pouch Saloon Haskins
102 West Main Street, Haskins, OH 43525 | 419-806-7616

Fire Station Bar And Grill
6040 Knights Inn Pl, Maumee, Ohio 43537 | 419-491-9911

Fire Station Bar And Grill and Mail Pouch Saloons are an equal opportunity provider and employer. All three restaurants are destination community-themed restaurants by Jamie Wietrzykowski in Northwest Ohio and follow the same tradition with interesting historical community-centered decor creating the ultimate destination restaurant with unique and trendy recipes.

Mail Pouch Saloon Supports Local Community During Corona Virus Alert

Friday, March 13, 2020

WNWO 24 Features Mail Pouch Saloon For Community Solutions!

Community Efforts Featured On WNWO 24! Learn more about how the Mail Pouch Saloons are stepping up to do their part in contributing during this mandated school closure....